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Eve Singleton

Jack-of-all-trades, Master of some

Eve Singleton is an up-and-coming author known for her modern takes on Greek mythology, delving into the complex romances and relationships between the characters. Based in the UK, Eve has been writing stories since she was young, driven by a burning need to get the vivid tales in her head down on paper.


"An absolute joy and pleasure to read. I fell in love with this world, wanting to delve deeper into this world. The wholesomeness in this book made my heart sing, never felt so happy to read a book. Only downfall is that the book ended-I can't wait to see what is next! Highly recommend and I will be re-reading this book as much as I can!"
Katey I
"Courting the Underworld is a witty romp of a Hades X Persephone retelling with a magnificent cast of characters! The characters were well-developed and so entertaining. Zeus and Hades’ relationship is one of my favorite sibling relationships ever. I laughed so much whenever they were around. Aphrodite is the best aunt EVER. Kathryn and Roy were the sweetest elderly figures who I fell in love with, even though I only got a glance at them. I love how the gods’ interactions with each other made them feel like a family. 10/10 recommend!

Romance level: ❤️.5/5"
Dahlia (ofpagesandprint)
"Absolutely loved Courting The Underworld! A fresh take on the classic Hades and Persephone story, filled with relatable characters and a romance that feels real as it develops. I loved the characters (especially Cerberus) and had a big smile at the end."
A.B. Lee
"I loved this cozy retelling that brought Persephone to life as a florist in the mortal realm finding her way in life, in business, around her mother, and in pursuit of the man she always wanted to be with. Hades is the older, wiser, "cool guy" with self-control in spades and total devotion to the duties of his realm and the solitude it brings. Plus, Cerberus is the pet watchdog you've always wanted, so read on!"
Linsey Adair

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