meet Eve

Hopeless romantic, jack-of-all-trades, master of some.

Eve Singleton (not her real name) is an up-and-coming author known for her modern takes on Greek mythology, delving into the complex romances and relationships between the characters. Based in the UK, Eve has been writing stories since she was young, driven by a burning need to get the vivid tales in her head down on paper.

Eve first discovered her love of writing at school, where she enjoyed crafting plays and short stories. Although she took a break to pursue a career in science, her passion for storytelling never left her. She has since returned to writing, to the delight of her readers.

When she’s not crafting her next novel, Eve indulges in her love for drawing and exploring new creative hobbies, finding inspiration in these artistic pursuits.

Eve resides in a quaint house with her husband, where they enjoy the occasional visit from their dog friends.

Eve Singleton’s work is not just about retelling ancient myths; it’s about providing a comforting, affirming escape that resonates with the hearts of her readers, reminding them of the timeless nature of love and human connection.

She is also a great believer in exploring your creativity, and so if anyone wants to make fanfiction or fanart of her works, she is delighted to see what fans make.

There's nothing better than curling up with a good book and escaping into a world beyond our own.
Eve Singleton